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Thesis editing for all Degrees
Tuesday, 19 Feb, 2013 – 15:01 | Comments Off

“Often the difference between a distinction and a lesser mark or a pass and a fail depends simply on the quality of the editing of your thesis.”
Carol A Macdonald PhD (Edin); Developmental psycholinguist: EMBED; …

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink
Thursday, 7 Oct, 2010 – 8:25 | No Comment

If incompetence among government pooh-bahs were a resource our country could tap into, we’d have no more concerns about energy, water, land or health. But incompetence is mostly the very problem itself.
Just the other day …

Sweat the small stuff to survive in life and business
Thursday, 7 Oct, 2010 – 8:24 | No Comment

WHAT little detail that you overlooked has come back to haunt you? How many times have you said to yourself: “If only I had signed (or not signed)…. If only I had said (or not …

Propelled by an obsession with secret of good leadership
Thursday, 7 Oct, 2010 – 8:23 | No Comment

BEFORE Steven Langton became a partner in international leadership consulting firm Heidrick & Struggles, he was an executive headhunter, and before that a captain and helicopter pilot in the British army. I ask him if …

Narcissus beware, the pool is fouled
Thursday, 7 Oct, 2010 – 8:22 | No Comment

Far more worrying than its collective lack of conscience (which I bemoaned previously), is the distinct impression the ANC suffers from group NPD – Narcissistic Personality Disorder. NPD is described as a pervasive pattern of …

My South Africa is integrating
Thursday, 7 Oct, 2010 – 8:21 | No Comment

Hardly a day goes by without an article in the press lamenting the lack of integration in South Africa’s not-so-new democracy. Ironically, the proof the authors of these diatribes offer to substantiate their hypotheses is …

Trade-show guru is bringing Africa back
Thursday, 7 Oct, 2010 – 8:20 | No Comment

HOT on the heels of the world’s largest sporting event being held in SA comes the biggest offering of international business opportunities yet assembled on the continent.
From July 25 to 27, 600 companies from 35 …

Solving the puzzle of business-to-business publishing
Thursday, 7 Oct, 2010 – 8:19 | One Comment

GREG Hughes, the executive chairman of Infixion Media, was born in England, but at the age of five, along with his parents, made a lasting move to SA. When I ask the inevitable question as …

New lease of life for a neighbourhood legend
Thursday, 7 Oct, 2010 – 8:17 | No Comment

THE late Ian Gillies was the personification of his almost-eponymous restaurant, Giles in Craighall Park; and the popular eatery was his alter ego.
He wafted around the multilevel precinct, with its classic cartoons lacquered into table …

Idea, not the medium, is the message in advertising
Thursday, 7 Oct, 2010 – 8:17 | No Comment

ALTHOUGH Fraser Lamb, group CEO of Young & Rubicam Brands SA, was born in Scotland, in the early seventies his parents chose to come and live in SA, after briefly considering Canada and New Zealand. …

Conscience, such a lonely word
Thursday, 7 Oct, 2010 – 8:15 | No Comment

Does everyone have a conscience? If so, how did the ANC lose its collective conscience with such obvious and all-consuming ease?
If you ask your computer to look up the word “conscience” it comes up with, …